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Skim Rocket = Sprocket. Ronix took the speedy quickness of their popular Potbelly Rocket board and put it into a skim style profile for an out of this world ride that wakesurfers are raving about.

The Ronix Sprocket Carbon Air Core 3 looks like a stealthy fighter jet and rides through the water like one. Sprocket is a speedster and flies across the water when you hammer down on the throttle. Not just fast, the Sprocket is hands down the most responsive surf style board that Ronix offers. Thanks to its thin skimmer profile and crisp, sharp rails.

A true hybrid style board, the Sprocket boasts equal parts skim and surf style characteristics. The boards overall shape and outline closely resembles the Potbelly Rocket, one of Ronix’s newest and most popular surf style boards. At ⅓ the thinness of the Potbelly Rocket, it sits in the water drastically different. The thinner profile and core construction are more similar to their award winning Skimmer.

The Sprocket is built for high speed maneuverability. Its surf style shape and bottom channels give it good bite into turns and quick release as it leaves the lip of the wave. As thin as it gets for wakesurf boards, the skimmer thickness allows the board to sit deeper in the water for greater feel and a more natural grip. A crisp, hard rail design makes it easy to jump on the gas pedal and zip down the wave. Want to do a bottom turn or carve the face of the wave at high speeds? The harder rails excel at higher speed maneuverability.

Built from their Carbon Air Core 3 composite materials, the Sprocket features the most responsive wakesurf core construction that Ronix has ever produced. Initially shaped with the lightweight Air Core foam. The Sprocket is then wrapped in an all carbon shell that improves its overall liveliness while creating a torsionally stiff layup.

A new style of traction pad, this new material feels like corduroy and is super grippy. Using Ronix’s all-new liquid lava high temp surf resin, this board can withstand the hottest days of summer and last you for many years to come. New for 2019, air vents have been inserted to prevent the board from delamination when temperature changes cause the air to expand or contract.

Surfing this board is indescribable but trust us when we say it is just plain ‘ol fashioned fun. We’ll just describe it as a skim style version of the Ronix Potbelly Rocket. Hop on the Sprocket and get ready to be blown away.

  • Air Core 3 Construction
  • All-New Corduroy Traction Pad
  • Exclusive Fin-S 2 System
  • Two 4” Injected Fiberglass Asymmetric Outside Fins
  • One 3.5” Injected Fiberglass Symmetric Center Fin
  • Liquid Lava High Temp Surf Resin
  • Inserted Air Vents in EVA Pad
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