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What Is The Best Kayak Life Jacket For Me?

If you are looking for the right kayak life jacket for you, here is help. There are many different types of life jackets, each designed for different purposes and needs. Click on each section to learn more.
  1. Flotation Device Classifications
  2. The Best Type of Kayak Life Jacket
  3. Difference Between a Life Jacket and a Life Vest

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Kayak Life Jacket Information


Discover which type of kayak life jacket is best for you



1. Flotation Device Classifications

There are 5 different classifications or types of life jackets and flotation devices.

Type 1: This is the only type of life jacket that includes a neck support that is designed to keep your face up when you are in the water. If you are unconscious in an emergency situation then this type of life jacket will keep your mouth and nose out of the water by turning your body face-up in the water.

This type of vest should be used if you are in rough water conditions and are in a boat that is far from shore. It is also best for situations when a rescue may not be possible right away.

Type 2: This type of life jacket is more comfortable to wear than the type 1 style. If you purchase an inflatable version, then it can turn you face-up in the water. This type of life jacket is best for close-to-shore boating where you are likely to be quickly rescued in an emergency.

Type 3: This is the most common type of life jacket for water sports including kayaking. They are very comfortable to wear especially when you are paddling. You should use this type when you are on calm waters that are inland.

Inflatable versions of type 3 vests can turn you face-up in the water, however, you may need to tilt your head back to avoid flipping face down.

Type 4: This type is a device that is meant to be thrown to someone who has fallen overboard. It isn't meant to be worn but instead, you hold onto it to stay afloat until you are rescued.

Type 5: Type 5 flotation devices are very comfortable to wear and most are designed to inflate automatically when you enter the water. They are used for certain water activities such as kayaking or as a work vest.


Look for a Type 3 when choosing a kayak life jacket


2. The Best Type of Kayak Life Jacket

Here are some of the best styles of kayak life jackets available and why.

O'Brien Traditional

The O'Brien Men's and Ladies' Traditional life jacket is a thin, lightweight vest that is both U.S. Coast Guard & Transport Canada Approved.

It features:
  • BioLite construction that is soft, breathable, and eco-friendly
  • Zip closure with two adjustable belts for easy entry and a secure fit
  • Front hinge to enhance your range of motion while kayaking
  • Wide armholes that can improves your mobility
  • PWC (personal watercraft) safety lanyard attachment ring to give you a fast, convenient way to attach a jetski lanyard

White Knuckle Neoprene Vests

All of the White Knuckle Neoprene vests are segmented.

It features:

  • Hinge points that will provide you with maximum comfort while paddling
  • They are 100% PVC foam
  • They will give you incomparable comfort while you are kayaking
  • They are designed to last
  • Available in sizes form small to 2XL

Connelly Classic Neo

The Connelly Classic Neo life jacket is a U.S. Coast Guard approved Neoprene vest.

It features:

  • Center zip with "V" back flex panel
  • Segmented foam for increased mobility while you are paddling
  • Two hidden belts with side release buckles
  • Oversized arm holes for easy entry/exit and maneuverability
  • An exterior made with BioLite, an eco-friendly alternative to neoprene

This kayak life jacket is manufactured without the detrimental lamination and gluing process, which makes it incredibly eco-friendly.

O'Brien Mens Neo Flex Life Jacket

O'Brien's Neo Flex fit life jacket moves with you as you enjoy any kind of water sports including kayaking. This jacket is both U.S. Coast Guard & Transport Canada approved.

It features:

  • Flex Fit with its accommodating design that stretches and wraps around the contours of your body
  • BioLite construction which is soft, lightweight, breathable, and eco-friendly
  • Zip closure with two adjustable belts for easy entry, secure fit, and belts that will stay out of the way
  • Multiple front and side hinges that will enhance your range of motion
  • Wide armholes to give you improved mobility


3. Difference Between a PDF, Life Jacket and a Life Vest

The terms PDF, life jacket and life vest are used interchangeably and refer to a device that is used to prevent you from drowning. PDF stands for personal flotation device.

A PDF is a garment that you wear that will help you stay buoyant in the water and keep you afloat. If you are unconscious, then only a Type 1 life jacket can keep your mouth and nose out of the water.

A kayak life vest can help save you from drowning



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